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    Live a healthier life with health and fitness advice from Humboldt Health. We provide you with a comprehensive, integrated health and medical resource developed by health care professionals, to improve health care by empowering consumers with the online health programs, new information and health related technology.

    Interior design as a key to losing weight? maybe so. (wa-hoo!)

    I have a bit of a thing with interior design. I’m not saying I’m Martha’s prodigy or anything, I’m just saying I’m on the other side of obsessed with HGTV and the likes. But alas, if you love monkeying with design like me, we have a new (and very welcome) assignment: Redecorate to lose weight.

    Falls and fall-related injuries are all too common in older adults

    My father will turn 89 in early April, and he was recently described by a visiting physical therapist as “a fall waiting to happen.” So the March 7, 2008 article in the CDC’s “MMWR” publication about seniors falling is one of personal interest to me. And since the CDC reports that falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injury in persons 65 years and older, it’s likely that this subject will resonate with HealthTalk readers concerned with their personal risk of falls as well as with the risks to their parents, friends and other loved ones.

    Beware the silent enamel-eating syndrome.

    Did you know that dental erosion or ’silent enamel-eating syndrome’ is on the rise in the United States (and probably in all Western societies)?
    In fact, according the very first dental erosion study conducted in the United States at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, there is a 30 percentage prevalence rate of among 10 to 14 year olds.

    Just compress for cardiac arrest

    From Insidermedicine:

    Just Compress for Cardiac Arrest

    In those who experience cardiac arrest outside of the hospital, resuscitation efforts that focus on keeping the blood flowing through the heart and brain result in better survival than traditional cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), according to an article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.
    Here are some facts about CPR and cardiac arrest:
    • Cardiac arrest is when the heart stops beating in a regular rhythm to the point that it can no longer pump blood throughout the body.

    Losing weight is the easy part.

    By Dov Michaeli MD, Ph.D It almost became a cliché: losing weight is relatively easy. That’s why you see so many “miracle diet” claiming astounding losses of weight. But why don’t we see miracle diets that tout maintenance of weight loss?

    Parkinson’s disease is an equal-opportunity destroyer

    Though you may think of Parkinson’s disease as an illness for the Men Only club, there are actually up to 100,000 women under the age of 50 who have this neurological disorder, says Shape magazine. While this statistic is eye-opening and scary, there are things you can be doing to safeguard yourself.
    1. Drink coffee. Ok, so you don’t have to tell me twice to do this one. But for those of you who shun The Joe, sneaking in at least a half cup a day can render you two to three times less likely to develop Parkinson’s than those who skip the daily grind, says JAMA.

    Skin cancer: what we can learn from grey’s anatomy star eric “mcsteamy” dane

    Skin cancer is far and away the most common type of cancer. Fortunately, the cure rate is so high that it makes skin cancer distinctly different from nearly all other forms of cancer - so distinct, in fact, that when you hear about cancer statistics like the most common types of cancer, they are not even considering or including skin cancer. Typically, we hear that lung, breast, prostate and colon cancers are the most common types, but you should be aware that this means “excluding skin cancer.”

    Big controversy: is obesity really a threat?

    Here's an interesting article from the Associated Press, which asks the question: Is it truly dangerous to be fat? Not necessarily, according to Dr. Vincent Marks, a biochemist and retired professor from the University of Surrey. He is among the... (Source: Health Check the Blog)

    How to reach your 90th birthday

    Dr. Laurel Yates and her colleagues have come up with a top five list for living to your 90s in good health. The list includes things to avoid: smoking, diabetes and high blood pressure. It also recommends regular exercise and... (Source: Health Check the Blog)

    It’s b5 theme day - new year’s resolutions from genetics and health

    It’s theme day at b5’s Science and health channel and this month’s theme is New Year’s resolutions.
    I don’t really ‘do’ resolutions as I never keep them for more than a couple of weeks but here is my own ‘home-made’ recipe for a healthy, eventful and happy life.

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