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    Live a healthier life with health and fitness advice from Humboldt Health. We provide you with a comprehensive, integrated health and medical resource developed by health care professionals, to improve health care by empowering consumers with the online health programs, new information and health related technology.

    Four reasons to get your eyes checked even if you see perfectly

    According to the American Optometric Association, even if you have perfect vision it’s still a good idea to have your eyes examined every two years if you’re under 60 and annually if you’re over. That’s because there are a number of diseases without symptoms, which can be identified during an eye exam. And at least one of these, which can cause blindness, can only be found by an eye doctor. In this regard, I’m talking about an optometrist.

    Healthy weight week - january 18-24, 2009

    It’s the first full week of January and for many people that means starting a new diet. And for many of them the next week, the second week of January, will be when they “blow” their diet and go back to square one (and if not that week, shortly thereafter). That’s why the Healthy Weight Network sponsors Healthy Weight Week during the third week in January, which this year is January 18-24. The Network was started by Francis M.

    Healthy Weight Loss is Really Important For Your Body

    When looking at your health and the importance it is for your body to be healthy for a long life, one of the things that is really important is for you to not be incredibly overweight. Scientists have done research that suggests that those that are overweight reduce their length of life because of all the extra stresses the weight puts on your body. This is an unfortunate fact, but one that does not have to be your destiny.

    Don't Run the Risk of Not Treating an Illness Because You Lack Insurance

    One of the scariest things about your health is that it can be one of the simplest things that can do the most damage. You cut yourself and get an infection. That infection spreads and become a full blown illness. Now, how do you treat this illness? Typically, you go to the doctor and get an antibiotic and treat it. There’s only one problem. The doctor’s visit is expensive and the antibiotic is expensive, so if you don’t have health insurance, how are you going to treat it?

    Getting Rid of Toenail Fungus

    There are so many horrors of women going to get a pedicure and then suddenly realizing that they have a fungus growing on their nails. Nobody wants to think about toenail fungus, but the truth is, about 10% of people have it at one time or another because of the ideal environment that people provide for fungus. The thing about a fungus that people forget is that it is a living organism and therefore, it has a suitable environment for its success. That environment is the warmth of your feet.

    Lose Weight Based on Your Blood Type

    There are a considerable number of ways that you can lose weight that it can become quite a frustrating task to determine which method is the best for you. The truth is, in recent years, all these different weight loss techniques have really sprung up out of nowhere and what it has shown is that there is a new desire to lose weight. And frankly, that’s a really good move. It is important for people to keep weight in mind because when they get older, it’s going to be harder and having excess weight makes things more difficult.

    Get Rid Of Those Pounds

    In today’s society there are millions of weight loss diets to choose from that could be the best for you. There are always pros and cons to every individual one—it is all your choice and make sure that you find the best one to fit your needs and stick to it. Staying motivated is the key to begin successful when trying out a new weight loss diet!

    Blood Alcohol Calculator

    Are you wondering if you or your buddies are sober enough to drive home? Then all you need to do is go online and answer a few questions about your drinking, on an online Blood Alcohol Level Calculator It will ask you a series of questions related to what you drank. It will give you your blood alcohol content level so you are aware before you think about driving.

    Are Diet Pills For Everyone Even The Elderly?

    Are you one of those people that struggle daily trying to lose those unwanted pounds but never see any results. Many elderly people tend to suffer from not being able to lose the desired weight that want to lose due to other medical conditions. Nevertheless, with all the different diet pills and methods that are out on the market in today's society you should be able to find one that will be perfect for you!

    Diet pills can tend to be expensive but once you see they end results you will sit back and think to yourself that they were well worth every penny!

    Stacks of Medical Bills Piling Up?

    Are you a person that is stressing out due to all those unpaid medical bills? Do not worry there is always solutions to help you resolve your situations!

    If you are seeking help with medical bills then all you have open your eyes, help is out there all over the world! You can get some great advice on how to help eliminate some of those unwanted bills by just simply searching the Internet.

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