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    Take a ‘road trip to the soul’: book review and giveaway.

    Friends say that whenever I hear the words ‘road trip’ my eyes light up and I’ve got one foot heading out the door trying to catch a ride. I just love getting out on the road and heading somewhere. I don’t even have to be heading anywhere in particular. I just like to be on the road.
    So it‘s not surprising that  Sadie Nardini’s book ‘Road Trip Guide to the Soul’ caught my eye. After, the whole premise of the book rested on one of my favorite activities. But once I started reading, I soon realised that this road trip was unlike any other I had taken.
    Instead of packing a bag and jumping in a car, it was asking me to unpack, declutter, and remove the roadblocks in my life. Quite a daunting task, if you ask me.
    But I was up for the challenge. After all, it was making sense. L...

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