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    Sexbolt saturday: gardening as a natural viagra.

    Did you know that one man in 10 will suffer from impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction, at some stage in their life?
    But according to a new study, all guys need to do to reduce the risk of them suffering from this infliction is to get out of the house and into the garden.
    Sounds pretty simple. According to the researchers at the Medical University of Vienna, who studied 674 guys aged 45 to 60, half an hour of gardening five days of week can make all the difference, reducing the risk of impotence by around 38%.
    Put a bit more sweat into it, burn even more calories, and the risk reduction will be even greater.
    Granted, it doesn’t have to be just gardening. Other forms of moderate exercise - dancing, cycling, and jogging - can also have the same effect.
    But what a great argume...

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