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    Colon cleansing is a waste of time, money and effort

    A friend of mine recently asked what I thought of Evercleanse, the colon cleansing product-du-jour that’s being aggressively marketed to help you: “Lose the Waste. Lose the Weight.” I told him that all colon cleansing products are basically the same; namely, scams. The reason is that colon cleansing is wholly unnecessary and a complete waste of time, money and effort. Regardless of marketing hype, regardless of ingredients, regardless of method, regardless of testimonials, colon cleansing is quite purely and simply medical quackery. The one exception to this is when it’s prescribed medically as in preparation for an examination such as colonoscopy.
    It is quite amazing how many websites there are devoted to colon cleansing and how many such products are being offered...

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