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    Eggs-actly the breakfast you need for a cheerful weekend

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    In a lot of homes, eggs are those things you buy because you feel like you’re supposed to, but then after weeks of neglect, find themselves in the bottom of your trash barrel. You may have meant well, but meaning well doesn’t cook those puppies into omelets, now does it?
    Well today, we’re here to encourage you to buy that carton of eggs, crack those babies open and scramble, fry, poach or boil away. And why? Eggs are packed with a B vitamin called folic acid. Many people recognize folic acid as the pre-conception wonder supplement which helps prevent neural tube abnormalities in a developing fetus. But folic acid is also a mood-elevating nutrient. In fact, adding folic acid to your diet can diminish bad moods, depression, anger, anxiety and fatigue. All in a day’s work for an egg.
    Not a big fan of the oval wonders? You can get the same benefits from folic acid-friendly foods such as peas, lentils, papaya, chickpeas, and dark leafy greens. Enjoy!
    10 More Health Benefits of Eggs
    Delicious Egg Recipes
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    I like eggs but I hate their

    I like eggs but I hate their smell!

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