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    Sexbolt saturday: bust out of your sexual rut

    You love the feeling of the Big O (duh!), but getting to that point with your partner has become a little, um, lackluster. What was once fun, sexy and hotter than hell has now turned into a ritualistic lead-in to your ho-hum romp sessions.
    This doesn’t have to be, people!
    The quickest fix for a sexual rut is (no surprise here) to switch things up. Sounds simple, but for couples with kids or hairy schedules, a simple reminder that variety is indeed the spice of life is usually in order. Now, obviously a post-dinner spread on the dining room table may not happen again til all the curtain-climbers check out of Hotel Mom and Dad, but do you have to squroink in the bed every single time? What’s so wrong with the shower? The closet? The dining room after hours? You used to do that stuff in the early days of your relationship, so what’s with the totally predictable glass of wine/back rub/progress to the bed schtick now? Bag it and re-broaden those horizons. You may even find some excitement in “parking with a twist”: heading out to the car after the kids are in bed for a little four-wheeled lovin’. (Just make sure you choose the car without the baby and booster seats - a guaranteed mood killer!)
    Seriously, there is really no reason to subject yourselves to snooze-inducing sex, y’all. Switch it up and watch the excitement (and drive. And climaxes. And desire. And even your self-confidence) explode!
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    Sexbolt saturday

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