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    We’ve compiled a comprehensive set of resources pertaining to dieting, from healthy diet plans to helpful weight loss tools. You'll find the latest diet news and information here at

    It’s healthbolt carnival time over at mind-mart.

    Remember I mentioned that the Healthbolt Carnival is going on the road. Well, you can find the latest edition over at Mind-Mart.
    As usual, the carnival has numerous interesting and educational articles to read. So grab a coffee and follow me over to Mind-Mart for some great reading on everything from sleeping the weight off to brain teasers, infant allergies and posturing.
    Next week, the carnival will be back here at Healthbolt.

    Healthbolt carnival time.

    It’s Healthbolt Carnival time.

    Join the pound for pound challenge.

    Talking about dieting and hunger in the same sentence somehow doesn’t seem right.
    But what if you could lose weight and help feed the hungry at the same time?
    That’s the idea behind a new campaign created by General Mills, NBC’s The Biggest Loser and the non-profit organization Feeding America.
    It’s called the Pound for Pound Challenge because, for ever pound you lose, General Mills will donate 10 cents to Feeding America.

    Navigating through the diet and fitness resolution confusion

    In the next few weeks, whether you’re actively searching for it or trying to avoid the resolution hoopla, you’ll be bombarded with tons of eating and exercise tips guiding you to become a whole new, better, thinner you for 2009.
    No doubt the majority of us will be making some kind of dieting or workout resolution, hoping to get healthier and in shape in the New Year. But how can you tell if you’re receiving genuinely healthy, sound advice or truly detrimental information?

    Diet and catch the flu?

    Dieting may not be wise if what MSU researchers found in mice translates to humans as well. BBC reports that the MSU researchers found that mice that were fed 40% less were more likely to catch the flu.

    Healthbolt giveaway: win a coheso’s caloriessmart mini nutrition calculator.

    Want to know exactly how many calories that handful of nuts or second latte is going to add to you diet?
    Now you can simply and easily with the Coheso’s CaloriesSmart Mini CSNL-100.
    No more guessing or search - CaloriesSmart offers ‘facts at your fingertips.’
    It might look similar to a blackberry but this nutrition calculator does something that the blackberry can’t - it lets you manage your diet on the go.
    Want one?
    Then you might be in luck. Healthbolt has one to giveaway.

    And the winner of pat ballard’s ‘10 steps to loving your body’ book is…

    Pat Ballard’s book ‘10 Steps to Loving Your Body’  offers readers a way to come to terms and accept their body the way it is rather than always aiming for the ‘perfect body’ that apparently society seems to think we should have.

    The lucky winner of this book is….

    Congratulations Sagan.

    Minding the media: 9 eating lessons from magazines

    Women’s magazines are always filled with tons of tips. Here’s what I learned from December/January issues of popular fitness and health publications.
    1. At your family dinner or office party, concentrate your efforts on making the right food decisions and always choose the lighter fare.
    Women’s Health tells us to select sliced ham instead of a turkey drumstick, mashed potatoes over stuffing and large olives over a handful of mixed nuts. The magazine also dishes out recipes for “gravy that won’t go to your gut,” “finger food without all the fat,” and “don’t-get-fat French toast.”

    Healthbolt giveaway: win a copy of the 2009 calorieking calorie, fat & carbohydrate counter.

    I know. No one want to count calories during the holiday season, not when you’ve got all that food sitting at the table, just waiting for you to dig into.
    But just in case you do, here’s your chance to win a copy of not only The 2009 CalorieKing Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter but also the companion CalorieKing Food & Exercise Journal.
    This edition of the Calorie Counter has been completely reformatted and revised to reflect current popular food trends and products.

    Healthbolt giveaway: win a copy of the book ‘10 steps to loving your body’ by pat ballard.

    Is anyone ever really happy with their body image? 
    Probably not.
    After all, how can we be when we are constantly bombarded with images that fuel our discontent with our bodies.
    As a result, we often put ourselves at risk to obtain a perfect body in the hopes of having a perfect life.
    Enter Pat Ballard, the Queen of the Rubenesque Romances. She writes writes romance novels and short stories with Big Beautiful Heroines to show that plus-size women are just as sexy, romantic, and exciting as their slim sisters.
    But Pat wasn’t always this comfortable with the large body.

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